Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What And Where Is Home?

It’s been bugging me not knowing, isn’t that kind of a human right thing, to have a home, a place where you belong?

Well, I’ve thought so and I’ve felt very rootless for a while. The place you grew up is usually where you consider home, right?
What about my kids then, where did they grow up?

My oldest, beautiful girl, was born in Michigan, moved to Louisiana before her second birthday, lived there until she was 12, moved to Arkansas for 5 years, and then to Colorado for almost 3 and now she’s been in Ohio for almost 2 years.
What is home for her?
Louisiana where she spent a good part of her childhood, or Arkansas where she had most of her High School and teenage years, or Colorado where she graduated HS?
I have to ask her where she thinks home is?

What about the other kids, they were born in Louisiana but have no memories from there since they were just 2.5 and 6 months when we moved to Arkansas.

My boy is in 5th grade and this is the 4th school he attends. He has been in school in 3 different states and 2 different countries. What does he consider home? I know where he thinks his home is.

My youngest, she adapts so easily it seems, she gets friends where ever we move, after just a few months in school here in Michigan she has people to hang out with, but she misses her dearest friends she connected to in Sweden the most and I know that’s where she thinks home is.

Funny really, a year in Sweden, new traditions, new culture, new language and that becomes home?
I tell you what I think it is; Family.

The overwhelming feeling to belong, to be a part of something, to never have to try to fit in, you just do, without trying.

We tried to make a living here in Michigan, we really did. My father in law passed away during our time here and we’re so happy we got to spend time with him.
We’ve applied for at least 100 jobs each and none of us have had any luck and we’re having a really hard time making ends meet for much longer.

I did an experiment and sent off 4 applications to different nursing jobs in Sweden, and I got 3 of those jobs in less than a week.
 I start my new job May 6th.

Nothing is promised yet, but we have high hopes, that maybe hubby can get a job to when he gets there too.

I know this comes as a surprise, or maybe not, you are maybe already used to hear from us moving around like crazy, and you’re just shaking your head in disbelief that we are doing it again.

But we need a HOME, and we believe our home is in Östra Ryd, Sweden.


Anton Fagerstedt said...

And the people in Östra Ryd think that you belong here with us.

Therés Gustavsson said...

Så är det... Välkommen hem! Ser fram emot att ses!